Clean Scene

A green pledge for the dance music community

With climate experts warning we only have a few years left to prevent disastrous global warming, the time to act is now.

Inspired by the grassroots activism that has put climate crisis back in the headlines this year, we believe our community has the potential to make a real impact if we can work together to change our behaviors and reduce our ecological footprints that are destroying the planet.

The dance music community is progressive, passionate and globally connected – we have power, so let’s use it!

Our first project is an easy-to-use carbon offsetting tool for DJs and their agencies. Dance music is a global industry, and DJs, dancers, clubs and festivals are dependent on international travel – which means we add a lot of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

We’re inviting DJs and booking agencies to make a green pledge to reduce their environmental impact – by offsetting carbon emissions from flying. It’s simple, quick and surprisingly cheap.

If you’re interested in joining Clean Scene’s offsetting initiative, sign up here and we’ll give you all the information you need to get started.

The offsetting pledge is just the beginning for Clean Scene. We know that there are countless other ways we can reduce our community’s environmental impact: prioritising train travel, making tour routes more efficient, removing single-use plastics from venues and reducing food waste at festivals. All of these small changes add up, and all of them are possible right now.